Introducing Flughand: Florian Döring talks music, love and life.

Interview with lofi hiphop artist, Flughand – creator of F.Stop, EXPEDITion, Vol. 7: Moonloops, Gudina, Peaceful Weibs, Foremmi, and Nagutok.

Upon scouring random playlists for calm music to work to when the office isn’t – all of a sudden I found myself in a melodic trance. “Trees and Flowers” by Flughand was the track. An hour or two later I find him on Instagram and reach out to him to put together an interview for Découvrir La Vie. Here we are.

A ginormous thanks to Florian for taking the time to speak with us.

Go and say hi to him on Instagram – here.

Listen to his latest release, Nagutok – EP, created with saxophonist, steichi, here.


1. Where does the name Flughand come from?
“You can translate Flughand with flyhand. A flying hand. In my job as a d.o.p. / cameraman I prefer movement in my shots. Not only pictures from tripods, steadycam, drones, gimbals and stuff like that is a must. Michael Ballhaus, a famous d.o.p. (he died a few days ago – r.i.p.) was my idol and he established the flying camera mainly. Private life, work, music… [It] has everything to do with each other – so Flughand :)”

2. What name do you go by with friends and family?
“My first name is Florian. They call me Flo.”

3. Where were you raised?

“Born near Leipzig, Germany. With the age of 7, my parents were f**ked off with the system in East Germany and we traveled to the west. I live in Karlsruhe, Munich, Berlin, mainz and more. Since two years I’m back in Leipzig. Back to the roots.”

4. How would you describe your musical style?

“Peaceful weibs is the claim everytime. Don’t know, but vibes to me are weibs 🙂 world is crazy and in many ways strange. My music is for me a place of freedom, good vibes and no people. Animals and nature are ok :)”

5. List 5 of your favourite artists (all genres).

“Kan Kick, J. Dilla, Wun Two, Hubert Daviz and Sugar Cane Davis.”


6. How does Jani inspire or influence your music?

“Jani, I call her djonny, is peace in all ways. She’s more than a dog for me, but every owner of a dog or animal would said that. She’s a big part of my life, in and outside the
music world. LOVE is the only word which describes it the best way. Lifetime partner!”

7. How would you describe the connection between projects EXPEDITion, VOL 7: Moonloops and Gudina?

“With the Moonloops LP I got the attention from the guys of Vinyl Digital, a record label from germany. It was the first real journey for me and Djonny from Vinyl. Very thankful about that. Gudina was the second trip and the successor. The connection are of course the vibes and the voyage. On Moonloops we took a rocket, on Gudina a ballon. Both covers are from my dad.”

8. Which artists might you like to collaborate with in the future?

“I think I’m not a good collaber. [There are] no other people in my world of music 🙂 I tried it a few times, but the result hits me not 100%. But I would do it again for the persons in the favourite artist list.”

9. Best piece of life advice you’ve received?

“Have no special life advice, but Tomi Ungerer has tons of it. He’s a writer, designer and painter. I learnt a lot from the 85 year old man.”

10. What would your advice be to someone who has a passion for music, photography or any creative activity, but doesn’t know how to make it consumable to the world?

“First of all, don’t think consumable. Do what you love and don’t have the goal, if you are in the position, to earn money with it. Especially when it’s creative work. Same by me. I started to make beats in 2010. Just for fun and I uploaded some stuff on Soundcloud. After a little time, Joe Space, a German MC from cota-label, hit me up for a beat-compilation on a tape. That was [the] start. I got attention from other people. I don’t offer my stuff in a aggressive marketing way.

Another point is the equipment. Be creative. You don’t need tools which cost a lot of money. If you have not thousands of opportunities you work with your mind, [you] have more space and you are more concentrated on the main work. In my case choice of samples, work around with samples and sound of the drum-pattern. No pressure on yourself. If you create good stuff and you feel it, everything will be fine.”


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