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Rokurokubi – EP by sincewestbrook & Xióng Bāshí: Travel to 4 countries in 6 minutes

Listen to Rokurokubi What are Rokurokubi? Starting in the Edo period, tales were written about people’s necks stretching when they were asleep. Classical Japanese literature describes tales of people witnessing and encountering floating heads during the night. Rokurokubi (ろくろ首, 轆轤首) is a type of Japanese yōkai. In Japanese folklore, yōkai, are a class of supernatural […]


Fly in Thailand: A Découvrir La Vie production (drone video)

Saxon here with something a little different. I had some fun out in Thailand with DJI’s Spark drone, and this was the outcome. A HUGE shoutout to our friend Flughand for allowing us access and use of his new EP – this video featuring upcoming song “canjuu”. Find Flughand on your preferred music streaming platform. […]


Introducing Flughand: Florian Döring talks music, love and life.

Interview with lofi-hiphop artist, Flughand – creator of F.Stop, EXPEDITion, Vol. 7: Moonloops, Gudina, Peaceful Weibs, Foremmi, and Nagutok. And, 2020 favourite track list!