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How to see Venice in two days

Benvenuto a Venezia! Written by Barry Till of Once I decided I was definitely going to quit my job and go travelling the world for a few years, the reality suddenly hit me!! Where exactly was I going first, second, third etc etc and how was I going to arrange that. Well, I started […]

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How to start a travel podcast: A guide by City Breaks Podcast

Marian of City Breaks Podcast returns! After recently sharing The Story Behind City Breaks with Découvrir La Vie, Marian follows up with a podcast infused guide to creating a Travel Podcast.

Topics include: finding your niche, research, podcast length and structure, scripting, growing your listenership, making money from podcasting, and more!

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4 Ways to Monetise Your Travel Blog

How to monestise your travel blog in 2020. Discussing affiliate marketing, ad revenue, mentorship, and digital products.

Blogger-coach Izzy Matias breaks down 4 ways that travel bloggers can look to make money from their website – whether you want to cover your costs or make a your blog a full-time career.

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Exploring Paris by Podcast: The story of the City Breaks Podcast

Founder of City Breaks Podcast, Marian, talks about: creating City Breaks Podcast, her inspiration and journey, the 22-piece series on French capital, Paris, and, the role the City Breaks Podcast can play for travel during the Covid pandemic.

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How to visit the Iguazu Falls in 2020: The Complete Travel Guide

The ultimate Iguazu Falls guide – from Découvrir La Vie, by Saxon Bosworth.

Learn about the Iguazu waterfall range and national parks, local wildlife, the history and legends of the site, transport, accommodation, and 16 interesting facts.

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Seville: What to do and see, where to eat, and where to stay

François and Alexandra (Virevolte) share some tips on visiting Seville, Spain. They offer some suggestions for where to go, what to do and see, where to eat, and where to sleep.

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Exploring The Giza Plateau (why and how the Egyptian pyramids were built)

Writer and photographer, Christopher Higgins, describes his experience visiting The Giza Plateau and discusses why and how the Egyptian pyramids were built.


Top quotes: The famous expressions and sayings of Sherlock Holmes from ‘The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes’ (Strand Magazine)

An assortment of the best Sherlock Holmes quotes, expressions, and phrases from The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes. As written by Arthur Conan Doyle, with illustrations by Sidney Paget.

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Why you should add Goč, Serbia to your bucketlist

My New Year trip was on this beautiful mountain, to be honest I never really heard or knew about this place before. I’m really grateful that I had a chance to explore this mountain and also a city named Kraljevo on my way there. Being there for 4 days wasn’t enough to see everything but […]

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Introducing Chris Baker: Astrophotographer talks Galaxy on Glass, Photographing the Deep Sky, and much more

Astrophotographer, Chris Baker, talks about his creative processes, starting his own business, releasing his astrophotography book, early inspirations – and much more!


Fly in Portugal: A Découvrir La Vie production (drone video)

A sunrise along the coast of the Algarve, Portugal. This was produced using DJI’s Spark drone. If you want to see our break down of the Spark, you can have a read of our quick DJI Spark drone review. Please let us know your thoughts below – or on Twitter. Enjoy!  Our DJI Spark drone […]

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Why you should travel to Kuşadasi in Turkey

I must say I fell in love with Turkey, not just because it’s nature also because of people who are very nice, kind and lovely, it’s culture and food. I went to Kuşadasi this summer to enjoy something different for 10 days. Went to amazing breath taking places, tried different food and made some new […]