Vanishing Sky Lords: Vultures, Nature’s Unsung Hero – FILM

გაუჩინარებული ცის ღმერთები: A story from the Eagle Gorge of Kakheti, Georgia.

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The story of Vanishing Sky Lords (Synopsis)

Vanishing Sky Lords (გაუჩინარებული ცის ღმერთები) tells a story of vultures; a creature of crucial importance in our ecosystems, that in many parts of the world, face a battle against extinction.

Vultures have gone from a prominent figure in tales and myths, in various ancient civilisations, to a misunderstood – and even misrepresented species. In reality, they provide a needed function in our planet’s biodiversity systems – and are one of nature’s “unsung heroes”.

In the Kaheti region of eastern Georgia, a country of the Caucasus, wildlife conservationists study their population of vultures, and explore their own mythical tale of Paskunji (ფასკუნჯი).

Vanishing Sky Lords gallery (film stills)

The stills above features: Nika Paposhvili and Nika Kerdikoshvili carrying out fieldwork in Eagle Gorge (located in the Kakheti region of Georgia) on behalf of Ilia State University (Tbilisi, Georgia), artwork of a Bearded Vulture and the film cover artwork created by Luka Tkemaladze.

These stills are available to use freely for media and press.

Paskunji shirts: the giveaway

Paskunji is a mythical-fairytale bird from the stories of Kartvelian (pre-Christian Georgian) mythology.

The creature is described to have the body of a lion; yet with the beak, wings, and claws of an eagle. It moves between the underworld and the afterlife. The creature was said to be intelligent, thoughtful, sometimes even talkative.

This artwork was created by Luka Tkemaladze, and features in Vanishing Sky Lords (from 25:36 onwards).

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