Browse our catalogue of short films. They are intended as a relaxant. We hope you enjoy!

This series began in the summer of 2017 in Thailand. It has been heavily inspired by the works of lo-fi recording artist, Flughand, who is present throughout. You can learn more about him and his artistry in his interview with us.

All of these videos were captured using a DJI Spark drone, if you’d like to learn more about this tool you can read our review. For more on our kit bag more generally you can see our Recommended Gear.

1 minute 25 seconds, 10 countries (highlights)

march 2020

Locations: Argentina, Brazil, France, Japan, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain & UK

Song: Lumi by Flughand

Fly in Portugal

February 2020

Location: Portugal

Song: Nagutok by Flughand

Ferio (Flughand tribute)

September 2018

Locations: Brazil & UK

Song: Ferio by Flughand

Fly in Brazil


Locations: Argentina (along Iguaçu border) & Brazil

Song: Goneawey by Flughand

A walk in the park


Location: Serbia

Song: Mebude by Flughand

Fly in Thailand

July 2017

Location: Thailand

Song: Canjuu by Flughand