Like an animal (Ცხოველივით) – A film by Saxon Bosworth

Protector of the Caucasian Tur

A story from Lagodekhi, Georgia

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The story of “Like an animal”

“Like an animal” (or Ცხოველივით) is the story of Georgian conservationist, Nika Kerdikoshvili, who works to protect the Caucasian Tur in Lagodekhi National Park, in the Kakheti region of Georgia.

The Tur is a wild goat species living in the Caucasian Mountains, whose numbers have suffered greatly in recent decades to poaching. 

Nika, who grew up as a hunter, had some dramatic experiences with wildlife in his youth which altered his path.

He went on to trade his rifle for a camera, and uses his mastery of tracking and bushcraft to do crucial conservation work.

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The meaning of Ცხოველივით:

The Georgian word, Ცხოველივით, translates to “Like an animal”, the film title being a quote from interview with Nika Kerdikoshvili, who used the words when describing how he feels when in Lagodekhi National Park.

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