40 Years Protecting Georgian Wildlife – Guardian of Machakhela

The story of Georgian park ranger, Dural Khinkiladze.

Machakhela National Park lies in the valley of Machakhlistskali, in the Adjara region of Georgia, a country rich in wildlife and biodiversity located in the Southern Caucasus. Machakhela borders Georgia’s neighbouring country, Turkey, in the Khelvachauri Municipality and was established the National Park was established in 2014.

Machakhela National Park provides for the preservation of unique biological and landscape biodiversity, the long-term protection of the ecosystem of Colchic forests, ecological safety and natural and environmental tourism and recreational activities.

It features ruins of fortresses in historic region of Machakheli, arch bridges and wine presses. From the slopes of Mtavarangelozi mountain there are views of Batumi and Machakhela gorge.

Dural Khinkiladze has been working with nature in this valley for more than 40 years, this is his story.

A film by Saxon Bosworth.


By Saxon Bosworth

Founder of Découvrir La Vie.

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