What is Découvrir La Vie?

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Découvrir la vie (French) = Discover life (English)

Découvrir La Vie (0r DLV if you prefer) is a travel inspiration and story sharing platform made of a growing collective of creators and readers in 147 countries (as of July 2021).

Expect to find travel guides, recommendations, stories, photo series’, short film, interviews, and much more.

Listen to Marian from City Breaks Podcasts describe what Découvrir La Vie is in Episode 2 of their series ‘Ideas’.

The beginnings of Découvrir La Vie

The Découvrir La Vie platform was created by Saxon Bosworth back in 2015, originally as more of a travel blog – with just the ambitions of inspiring travel and sharing beautiful places.

As time went on and some friends contributed to the website, it became clear that sharing stories amongst one and other brought so much more to the experience and platform.

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Hi! I’m Saxon.

Collaborating with Découvrir La Vie

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Currently based in Paris, France. 

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