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FERIO by Flughand (Brazil and UK drone highlights)

Here is a short film inspired by song released last week by our friend, Flughand. As some of you may remember, last year we interviewed Florian, and discussed his projects EXPEDITion, VOL 7: Moonloops and Gudina, best life advice, and how one might explore their passion. He released this track ferio in the build-up to the release […]


Fly in Thailand: A Découvrir La Vie production (drone video)

Saxon here with something a little different. I had some fun out in Thailand with DJI’s Spark drone, and this was the outcome. A HUGE shoutout to our friend Flughand for allowing us access and use of his new EP – this video featuring upcoming song “canjuu”. Find Flughand on your preferred music streaming platform. […]


Introducing Flughand: Florian Döring talks music, love and life.

Interview with lofi-hiphop artist, Flughand – creator of F.Stop, EXPEDITion, Vol. 7: Moonloops, Gudina, Peaceful Weibs, Foremmi, and Nagutok. And, 2020 favourite track list!