Is photography art? Interviewing Arash Malek (@minimal_duck).

Is a photographer an artist? Arash Malek aka @Minimal_Duck explores the question.

Arash is a visual creator based in Walnut Creek, California who has collaborated with brands including Tesla, Boosted Board and Fossil (to name just a few). After his creative and somewhat mystic style caught my attention, I reached out to him to see what he thinks about social media and its effects photography as an artform.

Without further ado:

  1. How do you feel the spawn of social media has effected photography?

“I feel that social media has shed light on a lot of talent that otherwise might have been unseen. Instagram gives exposure and direct feedback to photographers on the work they produce. In many ways, because of the awesome feedback and support of the community, I strive to shoot better everyday.”

  1. Would you say that a photo has less value in today’s era of fast moving media?

“I think a photo has more value now more than ever before. A photo can be a powerful thought provoking tool that can make someone stop and think or it can also be used to sell an idea, to inspire.”

  1. Would you classify a photographer an artist? Why or why not?

“Absolutely. I consider anyone who creates anything an artist. If you create, and you share your creation, you are making yourself vulnerable. To me, that is Art.”

  1. In your opinion, what makes someone a photographer?

“I think if you like freezing moments of time, and reflecting back on them, you are a photographer. I think if you pay attention to light and how much it affects mood, your are a photographer. I think if your intentional about taking a photograph, you are a photographer. You have to be present and in the moment so that later you can really high light that in post production.”

What are your thoughts? Drop a comment.
A massive thanks to Arash, see more of his work here.


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