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The Découvrir La Vie Iguazu Falls Travel Guide

Learn about the Iguazu waterfall range of Argentina and Brazil, their national parks, local wildlife, the history the area, transport, accommodation, and more with Saxon Bosworth.

With specific sections covering the special conservation work of La Lorenza Iguazu, the protection of the native bird species by Parque das Aves, and the local legend of Naipí and Tarobá.

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Introducing Chris Baker: Astrophotographer speaks on art form, starting a creative business, and much more

Chris Baker details his early inspirations, influences, the journey of starting his own business, releasing a special book, and offers some suggestions to those looking start out in astrophotography.

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The Giza Plateau (why and how the Egyptian pyramids were built)

Christopher Higgins, describes his experience visiting The Giza Plateau and discusses why and how the Egyptian pyramids were built.

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The 7 best places to see sunset in Paris

Explore the 7 best locations in Paris to photograph sunset in 2020. Including pricing information, addresses, and photo examples.

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FILM: Fly in Portugal

Watch our latest short film where we explore a stunning beach in the Algarve, Portugal at sunrise.

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2020 travel gear recommendations

Looking to bolster your photography/travel armoury? Browse our favourite gizmos and gadgets.

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Serbia’s Natural Wonders

Learn about some of Serbia’s natural treasures including the Uvac River, the Devil’s town rock formation, and the Tara National Park.

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Introducing Flughand: Florian Döring talks music, love, and life

Interview with lo-fi hiphop artist, Flughand – creator of F.Stop, EXPEDITion, Vol. 7: Moonloops, Gudina, Peaceful Weibs, Foremmi, and Nagutok.

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