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We are making a documentary!

Découvrir La Vie’s debut documentary “Mission: Find Aral” is currently in production.

Stay update with where and when our film will launch. (No email clutter guarantee).

Découvrir La Vie originals:

Iguazu Falls: The Complete Découvrir La Vie Travel Guide

Learn about the Iguazu waterfall range of Argentina and Brazil, their national parks, local wildlife, the history the area, transport, accommodation, and more with Saxon Bosworth.

With specific sections covering the special conservation work of La Lorenza Iguazu, the protection of the native bird species by Parque das Aves, and the local legend of Naipí and Tarobá.

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Introducing Chris Baker: Astrophotographer speaks on art form, starting a creative business, and much more

Chris Baker details his early inspirations, influences, the journey of starting his own business, releasing a special book, and offers some suggestions to those looking start out in astrophotography.

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Where is the Découvrir La Vie team now?

Currently the team are stationed in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan editing the debut Découvrir La Vie documentary, “Mission: Find Aral”.