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Why you should add Goč, Serbia to your bucketlist

My New Year trip was on this beautiful mountain, to be honest I never really heard or knew about this place before. I’m really grateful that I had a chance to explore this mountain and also a city named Kraljevo on my way there. Being there for 4 days wasn’t enough to see everything but I will go back there!

Exploring the snowy mountains of Goč!

The mountains of Goč

Goč is a mountainous area in central Serbia, about 15 km south of the spa town of Vrnjačka Banja. Its highest peak Ljukten has an elevation of 1,216 m (3,990 ft) above sea level.

This mountain has a lot of winter activities such as skiing since there are 5 paths, climbing the mountains, walking, playing in the snow. A little advice if you go walking or climbing the mountain, please ask some locals to tell you or even come with you and tell you the history of this place and make everything even more magical. I had luck with the snow, there was so much snow, it made everything look so beautiful like a winter wonderland.

From long walks, skiing and sightseeing of Goč, you always get hungry. Pleasant and warm hosts from Goč have the solution for that. Whatever time of the year you find yourselves here, you could buy home-made cheese, milk cream or pršuta. The unavoidable rakija šljivovica is also there.

Besides the unimaginable nature and fresh air which has beneficial effect on persons with anemia but also on strengthening the neurosystem and metabolism, Goč can offer many things. A large number of vines, fields of plums and raspberries as well as a large amount of medical plants. That is why this destination is convenient for harvest of forest fruits and discovering many of plant species and groups.

A climb to Goč is just a part of the adventure. Unimaginable forestry kingdom, numerous farmsteads, the lake, ponds and ski paths represent its other part. Hardly iterative is the feeling of walking and breaking through the thick pine trees of Goč, Irish oak and Fir trees while nature’s intoxicating scent is filling the clear, fresh air.

Kraljevo, Serbia

Kraljevo is a city in central Serbia and the administrative center of the Raška District in central Serbia. It is situated on the confluence of West Morava and Ibar, in the geographical region of Šumadija, between the mountains of Kotlenik in the north, and Stolovi in the south.

The “lower” Ibar region is thought to be the first area where Serbs began to develop cultural, political and economic life. The Serbian state of Raška was formed in the 11th century, centered around the old city of Ras in the area of today’s Novi Pazar. There are numerous monasteries in the Kraljevo area, Studenica (1188), Gradac and Stara Pavlica. There is also a medieval fortress known as Maglič. Monastery of Žiča (built in 1219) was the original seat of Serbian Archbishop was used for the crowning of Serbian kings.

If you ever go to Kraljevo please visit the city museum, it’s full of history and amazing stories about this city and monastery Žiča. Vinoteka is a must, it’s a place with amazing wines from all over the world, you can taste 3 types of wine and even buy some. Visit cafe bar “Tourist” for a panorama view of Kraljevo.

If you wanna see more pictures of Goč, visit my instagram account! Have you got your own winter wonderland story? Let me know where! Till then LIVE, DREAM, EXPLORE.

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