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Why you should travel to Kuşadasi in Turkey

I must say I fell in love with Turkey, not just because it’s nature also because of people who are very nice, kind and lovely, it’s culture and food.

I went to Kuşadasi this summer to enjoy something different for 10 days. Went to amazing breath taking places, tried different food and made some new friends.

Dominating the gulf bearing the same name in the Aegean Coast, Kuşadasi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. Thanks to its clear sea, beautiful nature, harbour and proximity to the ancient cities, Kuşadasi has been one of the earliest tourism destinations and it still continues to be popular with its lovely beaches, sun, cool breezes, restaurants serving delicious Aegean food and top quality hotels. Besides many outdoor activities such as trekking and scuba-diving, Kuşadasi with its entertainment facilities is a lovely holiday resort to suit all expectations.

Pigeon Island 

One of the most beautiful spots in Kuşadası is Pigeon Island, which is attached to the mainland by a causeway and is home to a fortress, built in Byzantine Period. Literally meaning ‘Bird Island’, Kuşadası takes its name from this tiny island, once a shelter for pigeons. It is even an ideal place providing a wonderful opportunity for relaxation. Within the borders of the impressive castle, you may watch the charming yachts sailing peacefully on the glassy waters of Kuşadasi or sit in one of the restaurants by the shore. The fortress has an amazing view on the city and sea.


Ephesus is really near Kusadasi, around 30 minutes by bus. The ancient city of Ephesus is Turkey’s most important ancient city, and one of the best preserved and restored. One can still stroll for hours along its streets passing temples, theatres, libraries, houses and statues. It contains such grand public buildings as the impressive Library of Celsus, the theatre, the Temple of Hadrian and the sumptuous Temple of Artemis which is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The ruins also include public toilets and even a brothel dating mostly from the fourth century BC. Ephesus is particularly important for faith tourism as it contains the House of the Virgin Mary. It is believed that the Virgin Mary was taken to this stone house by St John, where she lived until her death at the age of 101.

Pamukkale (Hierapolis) 

Amazing Pamukkale, got no words to explain that amazing place, you need to visit and see it so you could understand why I have no words for it. Pamukkale is 3 hours away from Kuşadasi. Pamukkale is a place where nature assumed the role of artist and created such majestic beauty. The white travertine cascades resembling frozen waterfalls and terraces of shallow pools were created by the waters of thermal springs reacting with the air. Its allure first noticed by the Romans. The magnificent Hierapolis ancient city was established near the travertine by the Romans. Those unique travertine and the ancient ruins were inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Under the spell of travertine Pergamon Kingdom established the Hierapolis city nearby 2.000 years ago. At that era Hierapolis served as a thermal health center and visitors from various parts of Anatolia flocked to the city to receive a balneal treatment in search of health or beauty. In the area of Hierapolis you also have a pool called Cleopatra’s pool, it’s really beautiful and you can swim in it. Entrance in the pool costs around 10 euros.

Milli National Park

Since you are in Kuşadasi, you have to visit Milli park, it’s 30 minutes away from Kuşadasi. On my way to Milli park I visited Zeus Cave. “According to legend, when Zeus provoked and annoyed his brother Poseidon (the God of the Sea), he would hide safely in the calm waters of the cave while Poseidon during his wrath and anger would make the seas storm and rise”. Inside there is sparkling clear deep water that forms a unique pool in which you can swim and tastes like carbonated mineral water as spring water from the mountains mixes with the salty sea water. Ironically it is freezing cold in the summer and warm in the winter.

The National Park covers an area of 28,000 hectares is 8km from Davutlar and starts at Guzelcamli and lays on Dilek Peninsula. It has a width of 6km and is 20km in length. And we believe that the National Park have the most beautiful beaches in the area. There are many beaches to choose from, the Kalamaki beaches count of several bays the most important ones being – Icmeler, Kavakli and Karapinar. If you’re not one to lie on the beach with a good book, there is always the canyon walk. A long trek around the beautiful mountains of the national park, perfect if you want to get out of the busy area and be at one with nature. There are lots of beautiful types of flowers, species of birds and wild animals around. The most common being the wild pig, so do not be bewildered when you see a wild pig family wandering around the National Park.

I already know I’m gonna visit Turkey next summer and my next destination will be Cappadocia. You should choose Turkey as your next destination and I guarantee you will want to go back again and again. Till then, LIVE, DREAM, EXPLORE!

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