Top 11 Instagrams: January 2018

Here is 2018’s first instalment of Découvrir La Vie’s images of the month – better late than never.

Here you’ll find some popular, and some less well-known artists. Let us know who should be here next month?

Thank you to Eno for allowing us to feature his image!

Inspire us back! Share your favourite creators with us on Instagram or in the comments section down below.

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Monkey to human 🚶‍♂️

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Need another road trip

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When we started filming ‘Under an Arctic Sky’ there were so many Unknowns. Questions like; Would the cameras be able to film at ISO 24,000 & above? How would we illuminate the Waves? Would the surfers survive in the water at 1am in the dead of winter? The stress of bringing together a crew of people to create a film around something that was so elusive & rare (surf below the northern lights) was palpable at times. I wrote a blog for @eaglecreek about my greatest lessons learned & cameras settings from the trip. Check it out on their website & scope their new campaign ‘Find Your Unknown’ it was inspired by trips like this one. @eaglecreek #findyourunknown Watch the film now on iTunes & netflix.

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Sunset palette on the courts

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