Mission: Find Aral – Telling the story of the Aral Sea

The 3-part documentary series exploring the story of the Aral Sea. From Saxon Bosworth and Nicolas Bergounioux Mission: Find Aral trailer: WATCH More info on the website: What is “Mission: Find Aral”? We met back in Paris during the summer of 2019, and connected on various topics, including a shared dream of experimenting in […]

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Vozrozhdeniya (Rebirth) / Anthrax Island: the story of secret Soviet Biological Weapons site

Located in between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, the Aral Sea is, nowadays, sadly very famous due to its shrunk and loss of 90 % of its original size. Since few months, scientists are warning that a similar disaster is currently happening at the Caspian Sea. The Aral Sea once was home to a top-secret Soviet Biological […]