8 shots from a 1976 film camera.

The Pentax M series produced some of the smallest 35mm SLR’s to ever be made. In 1976 the Japanese firm released the ‘ME’ model, which featured aperture-priority – meaning the user selects the aperture and the camera selects a shutter speed to match.

For someone used to the luxuries of a modern DSLR, the Pentax ‘ME’ can be a challenging experience. Graphic designer, Tyler Buon and I took a weekend off in Toulouse, France to experiment. Below I have included some of my favourites, see the series on Instagram HERE.

Learn some more about the Pentax story HERE.

Check out the Pentax model ‘ME’ HERE.

Check out Tyler HERE.

Check out Saxon HERE.

Where it began Luton Airport, London.
Penny boards and Vans.
Remembering to look up.
Whizzing alongside La Garonne.
Canon VS. Pentax.
The beauty of Autumn.
Pitstop, Palais de Justice (Toulouse).

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Founder, Saxon.

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